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Punch Presses:   (4)    110-150 Ton Range

                         (3)    100 Ton Range

                         (3)      75 Ton Range

                         (7)      60 Ton Range

                         (9)      45 Ton Range

                         (6)      20 Ton Range

                         (1)      27 Ton Speed Stamping Press

                         (2)      18-20 Ton Hydraulic

                         (5)      8-10 Ton Range 

Secondary Operations:

Vibratory tumbling, vapor degreasing, drill presses, riveting, tapping, threading, shaping, lathes, milling machines, grinding, assembly, local delivery and pickup are all secondary operations to our precision metal stampings.

Sub-contract processes:

Plating, painting, heat treating, etc…. only performed by subcontractors who have met the criteria for Tryco’s approved supplier program. 

Plant/ Toolroom/ Warehouse = 46,000 sq. ft. total